My Life would not be what it is today without Technology.

Technology has changed my life in a incredible way.  I have so many  limitations of what I can do. At an early age, I realized   that my use of technology would become my life.   When I get to use any kind of Technology, it allows me to forget all of the things that I cannot do.  I was introduced to computers at an early age. I learned how to work a computer, before I even learned how to drive my electric wheelchair. I remember thinking to myself, how will I be able to work with the new technology that we have today, because  I have limited use with my hands. I was just happy to use a computer. I kept hearing how much technology was improving, I heard about Cellphones, IPad, and IPhones. I was like, Gosh, another thing that I would not be able do. I remember feeling discouraged. One day my cousin broght me a IPad, and I was like how in the world am I going to work this thing? I got this crazy idea, to use my Nose. My Parents at an early age taught me to not allow my limitations get the best of me.  My life has not been the same since. Not only do I have a IPad, but I also, have an IPhone. That is why I think with the technology, nothing in life is impossible. I might look funny, but I can work with all of my devices on my own! Just imagine, one day I will enter into my own car and type in a destination on my iPad and my car will take me there.

My Life growing up with CP!

Growing up with Cerebral Palsy was hard on me. I often wondered why I was the only one in my family with CP?  When I was younger, I always felt different from my Family and Friends. When I was in School, I wanted to change my personality just so I could fit in, but we all go through this stage.  One day, I realized that it would have been a was of my time. I would never want someone in my family to have CP.  it can be super lonely at times, but I have no choice.  One Day  told myself that I wanted to help people living with Cp, and I started having a different outlook about my Life, but it took me a while to be okay with who I am. I am just thankful that I am able to do some of the things that the Doctors said that I would never be able to.  I really do not think I would be the same Person who I am today if I did not have Cerebral Palsy. My life is great now, because my Friends and Family supports and they are the ones who make my life better!

About Me

I wanted to share a little bit more about my life with you.  My name is Jennifer Wilson.  When I was born, I was not Breathing, so had to be put into a Incubator.  My parents did not get to have the normal experiences that most parents get to have.  They did not get to bring me home on the day I was born.  I had to stay in the hospital a lot  longer then most babies. I cannot even  imagine the stress  that my Parents went though, they never left my side. They were always, at the hospital. As I was growing up, iwas vey sick.  I was in and out of the hospital.  The doctors thought it would be nessary for me to have a Feeding Tube, because I  could not eat.  I was diagnosed with CP, when I was in four months old. Doctors told my Parents that I would never be able to  walk, talk, or sit up on my own.  My Parents did not listen to them, so they put me in Speech, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy.  I slowly leaned how to Talk, and use my hands, however the right side of my body I cannot control, like my right   hand.  My CP effects the muscles too.  I have Spasms and that means that I have involuntary movements, and they hurt me, but I have to deal with them. I feel so  lucky that I can do some of the things that the Doctors said I could not do.  I use a  Wheelchair every day to get around.  I feel like I am here help people  realize that no matter  what life may throws  at you , you just cannot give up.  Now, I can Talk and Eat! I can just do anything I put my mind to except it may take me longer than others, but to me that is okay.  That is my Story about me, and I hope it can inspire somebody. I have no feeding Tube and now and I talk people’s ears off.  Unfortunately CP is a life long condition.

Understanding Cerebral Palsy

The definition of Cerebral Palsy to me is having a lack of Oxygen, this is a condition, not a Disability. I just recently found out about this. that is very noticeable at birth. The part of the brain that gets damaged is called the Cerebellum. Cp is short for Cerebral Palsy this. A Doctor is the one who can diagnose this condition. CP can affect people in many different ways, some people can walk in a strange way, while others may not be able talk and or both. People can tell they have CP, because They are not able to reach the milestones that most babies do such as crawling, taking first steps and eating. This condition has many different stages. I am not here to speak about all the stages of Cerebral Palsy, because I am not that familiar with them all. I can only share the things that I am familiar with. Most people can walk or others cannot talk. Depending on which part of the brain that got damaged at birth. There are some people that have Cerebral Palsy, can be more noticeable than others there are even some people that have it, and nobody can tell. Unfortunately, having CP is a lifelong Conditions, but people who have it are expected to live a long and Healthy Life.

My Mission for this Website!

Welcome all to my website. I am living Cerebral Palsy. Since I was little, it has been a dream of mine to create a Website for others that have the same condition as I do. I feel like there is not enough outlets where people can go to and talk freely about Cerebral palsy, most sites I do go on talks about all kinds of conditions do not get me wrong I think that’s a great thing. I also think that it is about time we have a webpage, that just concentrates on Cerebral Palsy. We all have a story that needs to be heard and shared. I hope this site can also change the minds of others that look at us and automatically assume that people like us, may not be able to live normal life. We need to teach them that we still overcome anything and accomplish whatever we want. This is outlet for us to talk about how we feel, discuss what our ambitions might be. Join me in by letting others know that we can too achieve anything we want in Life.

Is it hard to find Work?

Is it hard for me to find Work?  Getting a job is hard for everyone.  Imagine someone  that has Cp, it is very difficult because we need so much help. Just like anything in life nothing is impossible. I never thought I would have a Job!  Thanks to my Grandpa, was like you need to do something with your life. I work Monday though Friday, at a place called Quest, I work there with people living with all kinds of conditions. What  I do is separate clean towels from the dirty ones. Is it my dream job no, but at least I can get paid for what I can do. It is very little, but it is something to do. I went through a very dark experience, I am just glad to get out and do something.  I have found that being around people who have CP or people just in Wheelchairs łike mysef helps me out in a big way.  This is the reason for this site too.  This Site is my Dream!

Let’s start a Network!

I appreciate all of these topics that all of you are recommending.   Please keep on giving me ideas! This is your way of being a part of this project! This Site couldn’t be as successful without you guys. Who knows, maybe one of your suggestions might show up on here. One of the ways you can help me is if there someone in your life with CP, and you would like to share your story about how they made an impact in your life, please feel free to do so in the comments section on my Website. Let’s try to get a Network started.